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2018 GG ScoreCardYou'll be captivated by Gainsborough Greens unique Australian charm. The course is surrounded by 230 hectares of unspoiled natural beauty and encompasses a fauna and flora sanctuary which is home to dozens of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

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The course has been open since 1990, and having hosted the Queensland PGA in 1991, 1992 and 1993, is recognised among the elite courses in South-East Queensland. Despite its lofty status, Gainsborough is the type of course social players can enjoy. The course is not so difficult that it deters high-handicappers but the exacting layout makes for a challenging day out for even the more experienced golfer.

All pro tips shown here for each hole, have been provided by Anthony Newey, our PGA Professional.

Mens - 326 metres / Ladies - 235 metres

The tee shot on the 1st hole is probably the most demanding on the course. Trees on the left, water in front and right; even a long straight shot will catch a deep fairway bunker. Depending on your driving length you can take on the water (with a fade to keep it from the bunker) or play left of the water.


Mens - 177 metres Ladies - 117 mtrs

A well bunkered hole puts the premium on accuracy.


Mens - 544 metres / Ladies - 450 metres

The longest hole on the course and finally a little pressure is taken off the tee shot with a generously sized fairway.


Mens - 340 metres / Ladies - 323 metres

A relatively short dogleg left hole. Although the fairway boasts a reasonable landing area, be careful as an errant shot left or right could result in an unplayable lie or water hazard. There is a little more room on the left side of the fairway than it appears. A good drive should leave you with a short


Mens - 376 metres / Ladies - 345 metres

One of the longer Par 4's on the course, doglegging from left to right. A strong tee shot preferably with a fade is required to comfortably reach the green.

Mens - 438 metres / Ladies - 403 metres

A very reachable Par 5 but still with its elements of danger. With water up the entire left side of the hole and two fairway bunkers right, a straight tee shot is a must to reach the generous green.


Mens - 203 metres / Ladies - 160 metres

Being the longest Par 3 on the course it will require a long iron or rescue to give a birdie putt. With bunkers left, right and long it is better to be conservative off the tee leaving yourself a chip up to the pin if you don't make the green. Trying to force your tee shot may be dire if you over slice it


Mens - 417 metres / Ladies - 298 metres

Another long straight hole. A lone fairway bunker left is reachable with a good tee shot so the ideal shot is to shape your tee shot from left to right away from the bunker. Once again be careful not to over do the fade as it might bring the hazard and trees into play on the right. With bunkers right and


Mens - 301 metres / Ladies - 245 metres

A lovely yet sneaky hole. Emphasis is on placement from the tee. A drawing long iron or rescue will place you in the widest part of the fairway and leaving a pitch to the hole. Your pitch shot however may appear more complicated when you see water infront of the green and bunkers surrounding it's remainder. Don't be suckered into attacking a front pin as a slight mis-hit or over spinning sand-wedge will find a watery grave.


Mens - 267 metres Ladies - 239 metres

This hole presents two options- the tempting heroic shot or the safe two-shotter. To have a chance of an eagle putt your tee shot will have to fade around the tree and carry the bunker short of the green- around 240 meters. The more conservative play is to hit a mid to long iron down the left side of the


Mens - 445 metres / Ladies - 412 metres (Par 5)

A short Par 5 where the tee shot holds the key.  The longer hitters, if selecting a driver, must hit a hook off the tee to find the fairway. This will make the green easily reachable in two shots.  The smarter play though is to hit a fairway wood from the tee to avoid driving through the


Mens - 334 metres / Ladies - 307 metres

Another dogleg to the left. A little of the corner can be taken on unless the wind is blowing into your face. The green is well protected by bunkers; if the pin is cut hard to the left be extra cautious not to be too aggressive as a shot to the middle of the green will still give you a good roll at a birdie.

Mens - 340 metres / Ladies - 300 metres

This newly designed Ross Watson hole is a short but yet deceiving Par 4. The wind's direction dictates how much, if any, of the right hand bunker you can take on from the tee. But beware of the heavily bunkered left side of the fairway. Even though its a short hole, finding the green doesn't mean a par is


Mens - 145 metres / Ladies - 141 metres

A lovely new Ross Watson designed hole. A deceptively long green surrounded by bunkers makes some pin placements very daunting to attack. This multi-tiered green also means the job is only half done after finding the surface. A par is very satisfying.

Mens - 350 metres / Ladies - 310 metres

A medium length Par 4 although the wind will certainly add to the difficulty. Your length off the tee will decide how much of the corner you can cut off, but if you take too much a watery grave is assured. Depending on the pin placement club selection can be crucial with the hazard reaching the very front of


Mens - 173 metres / Ladies - 113 mtrs

A great Par 3 that is not only well bunkered but has a watery grave for the wider shots. With its medium length, the wind will dictate any extra challenge. It is safe to be short but any shot that is short and right will catch the water. Green high right left or long will find sand.

Mens - 472 metres / Ladies - 436 metres

An awesome hole well fitting into the final stretch home. The number of sad stories and ruined scorecards I've heard because of the 17th are too numerous to count. The tee shot is a little demanding with water left and trees right. The green is reachable in two shots with a good drive played to the left side


Mens - 310 metres / Ladies - 246 metres

A reasonably friendly finishing hole with an emphasis of accuracy and not distance. The longer hitters may be able to take the fairway bunkers out of play, but be warned, and errant shot will put you OOB on the left or in rough/ hazard on the right. The green is well bunkered so a solid shot to the middle of